Thursday, May 26, 2005

The problem with rants

The problem with rants is that the tone of them is so loud, that people can’t always hear what you are saying. In my real life I hardly ever rant—by nature I am a diplomat and peacemaker, sometimes perhaps a coward—not a ranter. In my blog I have succumbed to ranting because it is like talking back at the radio when you are driving alone in the car. It feels good!

Technogypsy is hosting the 77th Christian Carnival and my last post is included.

In his introduction to my post he said, “More thoughts on motherhood can be had over at the Musings of Micah Girl, and no she isn't happy....” It may be silly, but that threw me for a loop, because I am arguably one of the happiest women I know. My rant was a call to being oneself—that oneself that God created with a particular purpose, one created in His own image—and not to listen to the expectations of the world.

And perhaps the world does not understand happy, ranting bloggers.

Micah Girl


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