Saturday, December 03, 2005

Friday Five (on Saturday)

Here are my RevGal Friday Five answers:

1) Do you display a nativity scene, and if so, where?

My freshly cleared mantelpiece is the site for our collection of nativity scenes. I painted the living room a daring and gorgeous shade of terracotta orange (very Latin) and was wondering how it would serve as a backdrop and it really works. If only Santa would bring me a digital camera I would post it for you. We have in the center a traditional ceramic nativity with plenty of angels. On the sides are our other holy families: a German-looking holy family , a musical holy family with assorted angels and a small Salvadoran wooden nativity scene. It's very Christmas-y and very international.

2) Do you put a skirt under the Christmas tree? If so, what does it look like?

I use a lovely red & green linen table cloth as our tree skirt. It covers the tree stand and gives a richness to the tree.

3) Do you hang lights on the house or put them in your windows?

We have lights on our front stairs--white and blinking.

4) White lights or colored lights on the tree? Big bulbs or the small, pretty ones?

Small white blinking lights on the tree--very elegant.

5) Do you have a tree topper? What sort? Who puts it on top of the tree?

Our tree topper is a white, laser cut paper angel made by Hallmark, a gift from my older sister. She's cool in a funky sort of way, and I put her atop the tree. (The angel that is, not my sister.)


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