Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Contentment, Thy Name Is Thanksgiving OR What Is Your Top 12 List?

The secret to a contented life is to give thanks in all things for all the mundane blessings that knit together the sinews of your life.

Here is a quick, off-the-top-of-my-head listing of my blessings.

#1 Hubby--the best friend I've ever had. Good-looking, supportive and so much fun. Smart, spiritual, affectionate. A great father. And so much more.
#2 My three children with wildly different personalities, vivid imaginations and tender hearts.
#3 Homeschooling--spending quality and quantity time with my kids and teaching them to follow their interests and discovering their particular talents and guiding them to follow Jesus with their lives.
#4 Ministry to postmoderns--Could it be any cooler than to work with college students and to engage them in an active faith that makes a difference in the world?
#5 My humble church--our small, urban, diverse congregation that is a mostly functional little family.
#6 My home on a street with immigrants from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America.
#7 My Jesus, the One who is realer to me today than when I first knew Him.
#8 My health
#9 My joy
#10 My parents who raised me to be confident and adventurous
#11 My crazy life journey that has brought me through many different vocations (student, actor, corporate worker, minister, wife, mother, homeschooler)
#12 The ability to read and think and interact with the world.

Tag, you're it. What's is your top 12 list?

Micah Girl


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