Friday, September 30, 2005

Fair Wages for Katrina-area workers

Click here to send a message to Washington that local workers rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina need to be paid fair wages.

Here is text from the Soujourners site:

Restore Fair Wages for Gulf Coast Workers!

On Sept. 8, President Bush issued an executive order suspending the application of the Davis-Bacon Act in the hurricane ravaged areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. The law requires federal contractors to pay workers the average or "prevailing" regional wage for public construction projects. The act's suspension allows contractors to pay as little as $5.15 an hour - the current federal minimum wage - for these projects.

Workers who lost everything in the rising waters cannot be expected to support their families on $5.15 an hour. As these women and men begin to rebuild their lives and their communities, they desperately need a just wage from their government, not a pay cut.

It's time to take action. Send an e-mail urging your member of Congress to co-sponsor legislation to reinstate the Davis-Bacon Act.


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