Monday, August 01, 2005

What I learned on my Summer Vacation

HURRY is the enemy of HOLINESS.

Hurry makes me dizzy and short-tempered and focused on all the wrong things. I want to grow in holiness and hurry has no part in that. It takes time and devotion and focus to become a woman of God. I want to write this large on my heart and in my life so that I keep my priorities simple and in order--


As I begin to get into my normal routine I want be overflowing with gratitude in my roles as wife to the most wonderful guy I've ever known, as mom to my amazing kids and as homeschooler to those three curious minds, as minister to college students and as shepherd to collegiate ministers, and as a child of God washing pots and pans and doing laundry in the spirit of Brother Lawrence.

May I always be in touch with the Spirit of God, ready for divine interruptions, and disciplined enough to be without hurry in all that I do, particularly in my relationships.

Help me, O Lord.

Micah Girl


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