Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rebounding from vacation

I woke up early this morning before anyone else. Perhaps my jet lag is finally lifting from me. We were away on vacation so long and I still am thinking about all that we did, but mostly about the time with the family. Spending nearly three weeks with the other side of our family was so wonderful. I spoke in Spanish much of the time, especially with my mother and father-in-law which is very good for my fluency. I have a pretty good accent but my grammar and vocabulary sometimes go flying out the window.

The kids so enjoyed being with their cousins, particularly because they are closer in age than the cousins on my side of the family. Everyone kept asking us if we would like to move out there, and this is actually the first time that I would have been tempted. To have so much family within 5-10 minutes of one another is really an advantage. However, even if we sold our house in a hot market and made an outrageous profit of say $100,000 we still could not afford to get into the hotter than hot Southern CA housing circus. And yes, I am East Coast enough to worry about earthquakes. Actually my husband lost a condo in the last big quake years ago, so it's not just irrational fear.

Here at home I am getting ready to say good-bye to a really good friend who is relocating to Nashville, TN. I've been reading up on the area and I think it sounds like a happening place and I am praying that she will find exciting new adventures and purpose there. It is hard, however, to think of losing one of the only girlfriends here that I feel like I can really speak to heart-to-heart. This is another reason why the fantasy of moving close to my sisters-in-law is strong.

But I do love being home and getting back into our routine here. I hope to do some painting around the house before the summer flies away and need to do some major clutter removal to get ready for the busy fall semester and the constant having people over for dinner, bible studies and meetings. I also need to baby my vegetable garden which looks like it will actually yield quite a bit for us this year. And besides all this domestic tranquility I need to finish up my advance planning for the semester. But right now I'm just going to make a cup of tea and look forward to a Saturday with my husband and kiddos.

Micah Girl


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