Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sacred Space this morning...

Back from a week of camping--wonderful time, much stuff to post later. I was at Sacred Space this morning to do a guided prayer and here was the thought for the week.

You could eat your way through the Gospels, so frequent are the stories about meals and parties. Apart from the intimacy of lovers, there are few human actions that bind people to one another more closely than what the Romans called a convivium, their word for a banquet that literally means living together. We drop our defences, feel grateful to the hands that have prepared the meal, we argue and discuss and quarrel and tease and laugh. But we stay at the table. It is there that children watch their parents and learn about living. From the marriage feast of Cana, to the Last Supper, to his post-resurrection breakfast on the shore of the lake, Jesus loved to eat and drink with his friends. And he used the imagery of the banquet for the Eucharist in which he leaves us his abiding presence. In George Herbert’s words:
"You must sit down, says Love, and taste my meat.
So I did sit and eat."

Aren't you glad that the Kingdom of Heaven includes food?

Micah Girl


Blogger WES ELLIS said...

There is a certain kind of healing that takes place in these kind of communal meals. I think that's why God commanded that the Jews take feasts, to get away, rest, enjoy long meals, and live together. Awesome post!

10:40 AM  

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