Friday, October 21, 2005

Normal day for working homeschooler

I was out late last night because we have our weekly college worship service on Thursdays and then go out afterwards to eat. I dragged myself home around midnight and couldn't sleep until at least 2:00. This is fine if you are a college student, but when you are a homeschooling mom who has organized a field trip for the following morning where she is going to be meeting some new families, then you have some regrets...or at least a dull headache.

The field trip was fun because I got to connect with some new hs'ing families that I've never met before, and it's very easy to get insulated with only a certain kind of homeschooler. The ones I met were very nice and probably "secular" which is not a word I use too often, but is a way of saying that they didn't seem to be Christian homeschoolers. We, of course, are Christian, and we homeschool, but I don't think of myself as a "Christian homeschooler" although I number many of them among my friends. There gets to be an exclusionary feel to those circles, sometimes intentionally (don't let anyone in to corrupt our kids!) and sometimes unintentionally (because it's easier to associate with others who know your lingo.)

I was especially excited because there was a dad who had contacted me online and was looking to mix with other homeschoolers. Sometimes I feel like my husband is the only homeschooling father who is actually involved in teaching his own kids during the daily routine. Part of that is because of the bilingual way that we are raising the kids, but part of it is just our family's flow. We partner in most everything having to do with the kids and it's nice to meet another dad who is willing to put himself out there in a largely "feminine" circle to be with his kids. I've read stories about househusbands (what a strange term!) who are excluded from playgroups and viewed with suspicion by the moms. Anyway, this guy was very nice, very normal and a good dad. He and his wife both work full-time and juggle the family responsibilities between them. I hope that my family might get to know his better because I imagine we would have much in common.

Now we are home and my oldest has just finished practicing piano (she has a lesson tonight) and the younger ones are playing elsewhere. She and I are about to dive into our reading assignment for the day and later we'll run around the house, picking up frantically, to be prepared for the arrival of our friend who teaches the three of them music.

The coffee I just drank and the ibuprofen has taken the edge off my headache and I believe I am ready for more!

Micah Girl


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