Saturday, December 10, 2005

Invititation to Tea with Mr. Tumnus

My oldest daughter accompanied me to the collegiate ministry pre-screening of Narnia on Thursday. She wore the Lucy cape, dagger and potion that we gave her for her birthday and received many comments from the crowd. She is a beautiful child with a face that is innocent like Lucy's, and it was almost magical to look at her all aglow after the movie because she had been to Narnia.

She loved the movie even though it was a bit intense in parts for a 7 year old. I would have been more emotionally involved myself if I had hadn't been watching over my sensitive child to see if the White Witch's troll was too frightening or if she could handle Aslan on the Stone Table. She's read the book through at least once so she knows the plot, but to see it on the big screen is a different thing.

I loved it. My students all seemed to love it. There were dozens of students there that I have never seen before that were invited to our events next semester. I was able to fill the theater with paying customers, so I will make a little extra on the event that I can put towards missions. All in all a good outreach.

But Narnia is not over for me! Tomorrow we have 30 people at a Narnia party for daughter's birthday. The budget is modest so I've decided to do a tea menu--sandwiches, sweets, finger foods, lemonade for kids, tea for adults. Also I need to find a pinata (not very British) and stuff it full of candy. And I have a house to clean, and much to do. So it's off to get ready for tea with Mr. Tumnus (who was so charming in the movie.)

Micah Girl


Blogger WES ELLIS said...

I went a saw it on opening day. It was a look into C.S. Lewis' heart. I'm glad your daughter enjoyed... it was amazing.

2:09 AM  
Blogger Bad Alice said...

What a great idea for a birthday party! I would love my five-year-old-going-on-six to experience Narnia, but after seeing the trailors, I think she would have nightmares, particularly since you say it was pretty intense for a seve-year-old. But boy, I would so much like her to want a Narnia party instead of a Bratz or a Disney princess party.

2:02 PM  
Blogger see-through faith said...

Never mind about kids. I would love a Narnia party for me -- next November I'll be 47 - when it comes around remind me ok?

Maybe I could just do this in May instead as a spring party.

oh and the film comes out here in two weeks. christmas eve :) (we'll see it the next week and P& P too... I only get to the movies about three times a year - twice this Christmas is just magical :)

3:43 PM  

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