Friday, December 31, 2004

Mondo Beyondo

Loving lists and loving to think ahead to the New Year and possibilities while 2005 is still an untouchable year, I want to make a Mondo Beyondo list as suggested by the blogger at Superhero Journal. I've only just read her blog for the first time today, but the name alone is enough to sell me on her quirky mind.

A Mondo Beyondo list is made up of the beyond my wildest dreams resolutions that I am making for my life. Things so fantastic that they would never happen...probably. I like it! Here is my stream of conscious list of crazy ideas...

To write for a living

To beome an academic super genius

To raise extraordinary kids (already doing this!)

To grow in excitement and passion in my marriage every year (so far, so good, but how much more could we have if we worked on it?)

To dye my hair red

To run in a marathon (yet I hate running??)

To live in spiritual freedom

To live debt free

To work for myself

To grow in generosity to those close by and those far away

To live as a family in Europe, South America and Africa, finally to settle on an island with fruit trees and chickens in the yard

To become trilingual

To return to acting

I wonder how these compare to my other list of resolutions that I made the other day?

Micah Girl


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