Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Resolutions, Anti-Resolutions & Revelation

With Christmas festivities behind me, New Year's Eve ahead, my head swims with resolutions to do things, resolutions to NOT do other things and prayers for God to reveal what He has for me this year...

Resolutions (a work in progress):

To listen to God more through reading and meditating on Scripture and listening to His still small voice

To appreciate today--the sweetness and the blessing and to keep a complaining spirit far from me

To set goals for myself, my family and my ministry that are challenging yet appropriate and God-honoring

To grow in personal spiritual disciplines

To grow in physical health by healthy eating and regular exercise

To lead with strong conviction and to set clear vision while never giving up collaboration and consensus

To develop a workable household routine that allows for homeschool, work, housework and fun.

To keep my temper and grow in grace with my children

To exercise personal creativity everyday

To blog and to grow an audience (for what I'm not sure!)

To get paid to write more this year

To set some personal business goals that will free us up finanically

To be continued...as I have hungry children who are looking for breakfast...



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