Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hollywood production of a 19th Century Heroine with iBook.

I am playing loud and jubilant classical music on the radio that makes me feel like a fun-loving Jane Austen heroine in a movie montage detailing the minutiae of her day. Don't tell me that doesn't happen to anyone else! Except of course I am typing my thoughts on an iBook and not in a fabric bound journal tied with a lacy ribbon. I am wearing black sweats and sneakers and looking at the breakfast dishes on the table instead of spreading a blanket for a picnic with a party of formally dressed friends with badminton racquets. And, unfortunately, my swarthy, handsome love interest is not shooting me meaningful glances from under his hat as he is away on business--that is busy working at his ordinary 21st century job. But, alas, a little orchestral music thanks to the local public radio station transports me to my adolescent fantasies of literary romance.



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