Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Homeschooling as spiritual formation

The decision to homeschool our children grew out of our deep and abiding love and affection for our children and our desire to be the formative influence in their lives. They sprang from our very bodies and carry around both our DNA and our foibles, and we love them more than anyone else could. We want to give them a with unstructured free time to invent games and live inside their imagination and be innocent for a while. To HAVE a seems that so much in our culture is about pushing kids into an adult achievement mold.

We also want them to form an identity that tells them who they are...a member of a family that seeks to serve Christ on a daily basis, children of two languages and two cultures, students of the world, discoverers of the unique, divinely designed persons they were created to be. We don't want them to be formed primarily by the gimme culture of materialism, or the high pressure competition to beat everyone else out with their grades or their athletic skill. Whatever gifts they have been blessed with are for the purpose of serving others, not themselves. Oh, to teach them that early by example and by the Holy Spirit so that they would reflect God in this world...



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