Sunday, November 14, 2004

Heart-to-heart with hubby

My love and I had one of those heart-to-heart conversations yesterday about our life together that was so perfect. One of those conversations that women't magazines give you tips on starting, which, when approached artificially can make your husband run in the other direction because it seems like a forced "let's talk" session, but when it just's great. So much of relating to a man has to do with sharing activities and talking as friends, instead of trying to plan a psychologically sound, directed conversation. Quantity of time is important to relationships because supposed quality time is hard to manufacture. It needs to be's a serendipitous result of the mundane work of daily living together.

We were at a living history museum with the of those places where the kids can dress up in old-fashioned clothes and play with simple toys and pretend they are playing house hundreds of years ago. All of them were playing so happily together that he and I could just sit and talk. We covered church, ministry, marriage, how our life just worked because we aren't hung up with other people's expectations of our lives. We just are who we are. I couldn't ask for anything more.



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