Friday, November 12, 2004

Writing to rock the world

I am fairly new to blogs: both reading them and writing them. I find that I am drawn to blogs that are well written, that talk about the process of writing, that reflect on faith in the real world, that struggle with the desire to be heard for pure motives and the awareness that writing is most often based on "Look at me! Aren't I interesting?" The draw of writing is that it seems like an equal opportunity platform compared to other creative expression-as long as you can write and put your thoughts together--you have the opportunity to try to rock someone's world with your prose. You don't have to look glamorous or even professional while you're doing it since it's so solitary. (For a mother of young children, however, it is solitary only in my mind. I am surrounded by my three kids almost all the time. Fortunately, they love to read to themselves, even those who don't yet read, and that's when I can steal a few minutes.)

A blog is just a place to work out the muscles, to free the thoughts and to hopefully learn to write without self-consciousness. For me it's the lack of self-consciousness that is hardest. So much of what I write on a weekly basis is to teach the Word of God or to cast a vision for ministry. Those activities are so audience-specific that they are narrow in focus and although hopefully filled with frank discussions of truth and vibrant pictures of life now and life eternal, they are more functional that expressive. The ego of a writer is that she desires to rock the world with her writing-a fluid expression of her innermost soul that can trickle like water through a brook, pound like waves on the shore or gush like the falls, depending upon what is going on in her heart. Or at least that's one of my other fantasies.



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