Thursday, November 25, 2004

To Write Beautifully

Beauty is truth, truth beauty.
That is all ye know on Earth,
and all ye need to know."
  --  John Keats

To write beautifully is elusive, but I know that it has something to do with telling the truth. You cannnot successfully write beautiful prose by being flowery anymore than an actor can be funny in a scene by going for the laugh... The actor's secret is to play the scene for truth, and the humor flows out of the "Aha!" moment as the audience members recognize themselves in the reality of the situation.

As I recall from my high school days, Aristotle's Poetics defines tragedy as something that incites pity and fear in the audience. The movement of hearts and souls in the theatre is a spiritual art, and good writing is the same.

And so I blog on...just to capture my wandering thoughts, to take a snapshot of the carousel spinning in my mind, to organize my thoroughly random ideas in a collage of images called Musings of MicahGirl.



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