Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mushy Love Prose

I started out to write a poem...but think that I am really a prosaic kind of a girl...

I wanted to write a love poem to my one and only that would evoke the warmth of his body curled up next to mine, the faint smell of his skin, the feel of his hands caressing me familiarly with the deep knowledge of years together. I wanted to let him know that sometimes when I see him sleeping beside me and my brain has not yet settled to slumber, I think about how hard I fell for him and how desperately I wanted to be known by him. I still feel it was miraculous that we felt we we were meant for each other.

And sometimes I look ahead with some fear to the time that we will be separated by death and mourn in advance for what will be lost when one of us is gone. I know that this life is but a vapor, and that it can be over in an instant, so I reach out into the dark with a deep gratitude for what I have now. It is more than I even dared ask for, but exactly what I need.

Micah Girl


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