Friday, January 21, 2005

Homeland Security, 24 & Security Moms

Okay, after just posting about how I can't figure out anything technical, I just posted Kiefer Sutherland's face in my blog. I am very happy!

My husband and I don't watch a whole lot of tv--at least compared to most Americans. We videotape our favorite programs and watch them later. The problem is that our life is busy and when they all start competing for our attention, we get behind because we have busy lives apart from our pop culture addictions which include 24, American Idol, Amazing Race, and the Apprentice. It's hard to watch the episodes before they accidentally get taped over by the news, which we also watch after it airs, after the kids go to sleep and only if we haven't passed out already.

24 is my favorite show. I have watched each season since the beginning with great anxiety, heartfelt prayers for imaginary characters, and fretting over whether terrorists get ideas from great tv drama for how to attack their enemies. The funny thing is that I wish that Jack Bauer were in charge of Homeland Security so that this security mom could sleep at night without worrying about whether the bad guys were going to do something devastating.



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