Wednesday, January 19, 2005

God Tasks

I have just begun my quest to read through the bible in a year, and I think I could get addicted to the One Year Bible Blog. The blogger posts a link to the daily readings, his comments, and people make comments on their reading. I hope it will keep me on task.

Right now we're reading through the story of Joseph, among other passages, and what really hit me this morning was that Joseph was faithful in whatever task was put in front of him by being faithful to God first. The really amazing thing is that his daily tasks were usually pretty mundane, administrative tasks or supervising the palace guard, ho hum, here we go again. However, by maintaining integrity in everything he did, when a big "God task" like withstanding unbelievable temptation and pressure or interpreting the dreams of the Pharaoh came up, he was ready. And beyond that his daily faithfulness was part of something that was so much BIGGER than he could ever know...saving a nation and his own family from famine and reconciling with his brothers. I pray that my own daily tasks...which right now are very busy because it's the beginning of the semester and my ministry is taking some new directions...will be faithfully done.

Micah Girl


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