Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Becoming a friend

Since we have been in this new place, I have been very blessed with friendly people who have been hospitable and kind to us. I have been invited to parties, my kids have had playdates, people check up on how we are doing, and have been genuinely nice.

I am realizing my own shortcomings as a friend and that if I want to develop real relationships here, I need to make sure that I am taking initiative as well. I need to become the kind of friend that I want to have. It's a very simple formula. It reminds me of the advice I read when I was young and single and desperately wanted a boyfriend/husband: Become the kind of person you would like to marry.

What do I long for in a friend? That is the kind of person I am to become.

* A praying friend who specifically remembers me in prayer.
* A thoughtful friend who remembers details of my life and rejoices with me or cries with me.
* An honest friend who isn't afraid of the truth but is always kind.
* A friend who enjoys laughing and playing together.
* A person with whom I can simply be myself.

Some of my most glaring faults face me when I look at a list like this. I get caught up in my own urgent day-to-day with my husband and my kids and my thoughts and things slip by my attention. Help me, Lord, to look beyond myself and to serve others as You do.

Micah Girl

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