Saturday, February 19, 2005

Google-stalking and hiding in plain sight

When I started this blog it was a whimsical opportunity to vent and speak my mind without getting myself into trouble. I realize that most of what I have written about has been hardly controversial, although much of it intensely personal. Although I have some readers who don't know me in my real life, and a few who know me all too well, largely I am writing to myself. Not a bad thing, of course, and a creative discipline which has given me greater energy in all areas of my life.

Since becoming a blogger and blog-reader, I admit to some google-stalking. I google the names of people I know, some of whom have moved to other areas of the country, to try to find out if they have blogs. Then I read them and enjoy the peek at where their lives have taken them, while at the same time feeling a bit like a peeping tom. I also have my favorite personal reads, most of whom are people I don't know, but I feel like I know them more personally than many in my circle of acquaintances. People like the bloggers behind: Lily's Pad, Relevant Blog, What Would Jesus Blog, Deep Soil

Maintaining my anonymity while wishing to increase my audience puts me in a funny position. All the people that I would naturally invite to read my students, my colleagues, my friends, my church, are all the people that would cause me to censor myself. Again, I understand that what I have written is far from wild and wooly-- it's neither laden with admissions of pornography addiction, nor filled with the exploits of my taste for smoking illegal Cuban cigars. I do express my concern for the role of women in ministry, my dissatisfaction with church as usual, my desire to be part of the emergent church conversation, which are, I suppose, controversial in certain conservative circles, but would hardly surprise those who know me. I also go on and on about my husband and my kids and how wonderful they are, but again, no surprise there. I remember old stories from college, and touch on some of the deep grief and deep redemption I have experienced throughout my life... What am I hiding???

Micah Girl


Blogger spiritual ingenue said...

WOW- this is me!! I'm finding so many blogs of women who are at my very mile marker on this road of discovery, and here I was feeling so alone in it all.

That is me- wanting to remain anonymous but longing for people to read what I write. I'll read yours if you read mine. LOL!

I'm feeling where you're at, and I think as long as we keep saying what we're feeling, then the readers will come. So very "Field Of Dreams", but right on.

Blessings to you as you record your journey..


12:10 AM  

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