Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Incredibles & Postmodern Womanhood

Last night we finally saw The Incredibles...a terrific family flick, funny, intellligent, wholesome, empowering, pro-marriage, pro-family with a positive countercultural message. That's a lot for a computer animated story to be, and yet it was!

I have changed my profile picture officially (for now) to Elastigirl. Not only is Holly Hunter a great voice-over actor, but the character is written with heart and depth--unlike so many parts for women these day. Is Elastigirl the great post-feminist archetype for the postmodern woman? She is strong and capable on her own, yet chooses the commitment of marriage and family over self-aggrandizement. She is tender-hearted but is nobody's fool. She is able to use her brains and talents to enable her whole family to achieve their potential. Her marriage is based on friendship and mutual respect, and she loves her husband no matter what. And when the going gets tough, she can kick butt with the big boys.

Micah Girl


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