Friday, February 25, 2005

Victory & Television Ministry

If you embrace a message of victory, then God will bless you with good hair and a television ministry. There are no losers in the Kingdom of God, and you, too, can have all the prosperity, feel-good optimism and spotlight that you can handle.

I watch most Christian television with the fascination of a commuter craning her neck at the accident on the side of the road. I want to know what is happening, but don't really want to see all the blood and guts.
Just let the paramedics do their work and the highway workers clean up the mess... Heaven help me to stay out of their way.

I'm not really anti-television ministry, but in a world of reality tv and 15 minute celebrity, it makes me uneasy that Christianity is represented as the American Dream and the Kingdom of Heaven is as close as your 24 hour television station. I do actually believe that all the media we have to communicate with can be redeemed by God for His message. But sometimes the medium becomes the message and the culture of southern accents and great hair products is stronger than Logos,the word of God. I don't mean to trash the efforts of my brothers and sisters who seek to share the hope they have found by any means possible, but I am so distrustful of the ability of celebrity to corrupt and puff up.

Lord, glorify YOURSELF in your people, however they preach your word. Let us worship you in word and deed and to be your hands and feet in our immediate surroundings so that many could come to know you.

Have mercy on American churchianity and restore to us the vision of your holy gospel of grace, reconciliation and justice for the oppressed.


Blogger spiritual ingenue said...

I just came home today and on the tv, the televangelist was saying that God WANTS To give me a huge beautiful home. He WANTS to give me a brand new car. That it can all be mine if I just do xyz.

I feel so sorry for the people who have this "slot machine" mentality; that if I pay out enough quarters I'm bound to win sometime.

Awesome prayer, and so desperately needed.



9:56 PM  
Blogger ~m2~ said...

rock on...

just saw your post about joel osteen tickets and was not sure how you felt about him, so i scrolled down a bit and heaved a huge sigh of relief.

i think i am one of the only Christians in the free world who has a hard time with joyce meyer - and she resembles my grandmother - i just remember her interpreting scripture WAAAAAY different than i ever thought and thought to m'self: hmmmm.

i do, however, love beth moore. her hair is at least manageable...

6:06 PM  
Blogger MicahGirl said...

I feel like Joyce Meyer is so popular because there are so few high profile women in ministry and she is filling a large vacuum. Her theology is much too much "Ask God to bless you and you will be happy" for my taste. Also, she often just glosses over the scripture, like Osteen, to get to her psychologically sound, self-esteem building message, which is not necessarily bad, but is not the gospel that Jesus preached.

6:29 PM  

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