Thursday, April 14, 2005

2 of Time's 100 Most Influential--Juanes & Rick Warren

I haven't read through everyone on the big 100, but I have scanned through the list to see who strikes my fancy. Two of the honorees really leaped out at me. Juanes is definitely my personal favorite of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People. I am so excited when someone I really like gets onto one of these lists, even though I wonder who decides who gets to be on the list. Juanes is a Colombian rock star who writes beautiful music that ranges from romantic songs to political commentary. He is a simply gorgeous performer.

I was glad to see the ubiquitous Purpose Driven Pastor Rick Warren on the list because although he is not considered cool in certain circles, and is nearly considered a gospel writer by others, I do appreciate some of his practical ideas and his deeply evangelistic heart.

I find it funny that now that he is getting famous his press photos are very slick and he's always wearing black and spiking his hair, as opposed to his classic Hawaiian shirt wearing, simple Southern California casual guy style. Is that what success means?

Micah Girl


Blogger ~m2~ said...

i have never heard of juanes (although he is a hottie, as my daughter would say) - if his music is as beautiful as you describe, then he muste be wonderful.

rick warren, however, i have heard of. i count the purpose driven life as one of my top favoritess on my *reads* list - probably one of the only books lately i have actually finished.

i would rather see the hawaiian shirt, laid-back guy than the wearing black, spikey haired guy. maybe his publicist said he'd *reach more* if he wasn't wearing sportswear that had pineapples on them.

just a thought :)

6:36 AM  
Blogger MicahGirl said...

The old Rick Warren was kind of charming--like the guy who might have bowled with your dad.

4:22 PM  

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