Thursday, April 07, 2005

Glimpse of Forever

I just got back from one of our college worship services. It was interrupted by hassles with parking and double parking and threatened towing, and my mind and my spirit weren't exactly in tune with the music or the praying. I know that worship is not always an emotional buzz and that it's not for me anyway--it's an event meant to lead my students in worship. And the worship isn't for their emotional buzz's to glorify God.

Anyway, I did have a moment that almost morphed into epiphany during a worship song about eternity (can't exactly recall which one.) For just a moment, I thought how could I wrap my mind around forever? What is eternity with God? How can I understand it? And I thought about those sweet moments that I want to hold onto forever...nursing my baby for the first time, answering deep theological questions from pre-schoolers, reading exciting stories with my daughter, having my son kiss my hand... Also the warmth of my husband's body cradling mine, the intimacy of watching ecstasy wash over his face, the sweetness of his voice on the phone calling from work. Now the joy of an eternity worshiping God, being in His presence, with all those who love Him forever is like actually being able to hold onto the purity of one of those moments magnified infinitely forever. Wow.

So in spite of the mundane annoyances that pulled my heart out of the place I was, God still broke through my ordinariness to give me a glimpse of forever.

Micah Girl


Blogger WES ELLIS said...

That's cool. These thoughts come to my mind sometimes too. I imagine a redeemed, perfect version of the most intamate moments in life. It gives me chills. I'ts nice to know God is redeeming everything and that we can expieriense LIFE real life... Those great moments. God is good.

2:45 PM  

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