Monday, December 19, 2005

Small things

The best things are always the small, ordinary things--

1. My haircut! I asked the hairdresser to chop off 10 inches and then we would figure out what to do with it. She then gave me the best haircut I have had in years. And for only $11. Go figure. (Neither of my lovely daughters had 10 inches to give without extremely short haircuts, so they are not giving to Locks of Love this time.) If indeed I look ten years younger as some of my friends have told me, then my husband (just over the edge of 40) is now married to a twenty something.)

2. Our neighbors. We have recently had some new neighbors move in, so we invited nine of the houses on the street to a little Christmas Open House yesterday afternoon with cookies and hot drinks. I was so afraid we would be eating our cookies all be ourself. We had two families come: a Colombian mother and father, two kids and their abuelita, as well as a young, engaged couple. The young woman, Lauren, actually brought us a personalized snowman family ornament with the names of my husband & me and all three kids. Talk about thoughtful. And our immediate neighbors, two young doctors expecting their first child, didn't come by during the open house, but stopped by later to apologize for not being able to come. Our neighbors know us by name now, and we might even be able to become friends. No small feat in the city.

3. After the Christmas holiday we will be off to visit one of my oldest friends and her family for a few days in New Hampshire. She and I made our commitments to follow Christ the same weekend in our teens, we maintained our friendship during our education at separate colleges, and then through our twenties as she was married with kids, and I was single and searching for my future. Once I got married and we both moved in separated geographical directions, our visits became less frequent, but we always pick up where we left off.

As I start to look towards the New Year, I want to keep my focus on the little, humble moments.

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
and the pleasant land.

So the little moments,
humble though they be,
Make the mighty ages,
of eternity.

Julia Fletcher Carney, 1845
Published in the McGuffey Reader

Micah Girl


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