Friday, January 13, 2006

My boat is so small

Today is the beginning of a new rhythm for me--I have a team meeting with my missionaries to prepare for the semester. Next week we have our regional meeting with everyone from our multi-state area. And soon the students begin arriving back in droves.

I am all about hitting a rhythm with my life. When my rhythm is steady--all is well. When it feels frantic, then things get forgotten or dropped or left behind. I am praying hard that this wonderful rhythm that I am just hitting at home: keeping up with the One Year Bible, working out every morning, making a better dent in the housework, and spending good quality school time with the kids, will maintain as I add in my other exciting life: ministering to my team and to our college students. At the beginning of every semester I think--oh, no, I can't do this. It's too much, it's too big. And then I remember that God likes me humble because then I am usable. And I look back on His tremendous faithfulness to me, and I say I will go only if You go before me and behind me and hem me in, Lord.

Dear God
Be good to me
The sea is so wide
And my boat is so small
Breton Fishermen's Prayer

Micah Girl


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