Thursday, January 12, 2006

One Year Bible: Genesis 27 or the Case Against Situational Ethics

I read a great commentary by Bob Deffinbaugh at this morning that corresponds with the one year bible reading about Isaac & Rebekah and the scheming and conspiracy that occurs between them and their sons, Jacob & Esau.

Why shouldn't Rebekah (or anyone else) have taken matters into her own hands in order to fulfill the promise of God?
"If God is God, then let Him act on His own behalf, particularly in those times when we are unable to act in a way that is consistent with His Word."

How does sin affect the working out of God's will in the world? Does it make him change plans frequently?
"Man’s sin can never frustrate the will of God, but it can fulfill it."

And my favorite quote, and the most thought provoking:
"It is Possible to Practice Faith in a Way that is Inconsistent with it."

How often we do things for our own purposes and claim our desires as God's, our our plans as hand-delivered from Sinai! I struggle and yearn for a faith that is consistent with God's transforming power in my life, and not my own agenda. I pray that the simple disciplines I am seeking to keep consistently will grow me in this area.

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Blogger Laura said...

The contrasting behaviors of Isaac and Rebekah caught my eye as well. In chapter 26, Isaac acts on the promise of the land by redigging and renaming the wells of Abraham--but he does not push it. Rebekah, on the other hand, took fulfilling God's promise into her own hands. God used both, but Rebekah's way was most assuredly not God's way.

The difficult thing, I think, is to walk the narrow line between courage and arrogance. Sometimes the line is difficult to see clearly.

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