Friday, April 07, 2006

Revelation about nothing

One of the curses of being a blogger is that when profound thoughts come to you during the day, or your kids say something unbelievably precocious, or you get a zap of insight from the Holy Spirit about what the next 20 years of your life is going to be, you are surely not near a computer. Such was my life today--my brain was filled with "Yes, Lord, that's it exactly!", and all I now remember is a simple day, sweet in many ways.

I was with my children all day, took them to athletics, went to a friends house, came home and read some stories, went to a collegiate ministry event, met my husband there so he could take home the kids, enjoyed a worship service with my students, went out afterwards talked about communism, capitalism, free trade, social justice, and then had a great conversation with the owner of the pizza shop. Simple, everyday, very sweet.

Looking back over this day, I am looking for my aha! moments (of which I had several) but remember only the fuzzy outlines and the general warmth in my heart over the blessings I enjoy.

So, here it is, a blog post about nothing. But to me a nothing day for which I am grateful.

Micah Girl


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