Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ongoing family fantasy

My husband & I have this ongoing fantasy about selling our house which has greatly appreciated in value in our "entry level" middle class neighborhood and using the profits to move somewhere cheaper, probably south. I have mixed feelings about moving south. Partly it comes from the deeply ingrained Yankee culture which flows through my veins. Partly it comes from the feeling that I finally have a handle on my life here.

My ministry is so exciting. I finally feel like I know how to build and manage a ministry team, set a vision bigger than our present existence. I think I really "get" my college students and their culture. Our family life is good. We are involved in a small, healthy, growing church. We have friends in the neighborhood and in the community. I love homeschooling (although, of course, that can be done anywhere.) I know homeschoolers who homeschool in the city. I am not stuck in a Christian bubble where everyone I know looks and thinks the same. I bump into people I know when I am on campus, at the park, in the library or at the store. My parents and my older sister live only an hour away, so I can see them easily, although we are not as close as I would like.

The advantage, of course, to cutting and running is that we could be almost completely out of debt, except for a modest mortgage. With less debt we could travel more. We would make new friends, have new opportunities for ministry, we would learn new things. But is the financial incentive enough reason? Certainly not if God is not calling us elsewhere. If some of my husband's family lived somewhere other than mega-pricey Southern California then I would strongly consider relocation with less reservation.

Often I am the one most "high" on the idea of staring over in a picturesque and progressive college town, but lately when my husband says--"When we move in a couple of years..." I feel dread. Only God knows the future, and I am praying for discernment regarding our life as a family.

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