Friday, August 11, 2006

Weight loss at least a little

I have been working hard since the beginning of the year to build healthy physical habits for myself. Most mornings I wake up and work out--either weight training or something aerobic with a DVD, and I have been watching what I eat carefully without going on any crazy diets. Although I have slimmed up and toned up, my weight was pretty static although sloooooooooowly going in the right direction. While we were on vacation and walking and swimming just for fun, I lost nearly four pounds seemingly overnight. So since January of this year I have lost eight pounds total. Although it's been a painfully slow decline on the scale, this is the kind of weight loss that stays off, because I am not messing up my metabolism and I am building muscle. I am encouraged.

I have read every smart book out there on metabolism and lifestyle change and am moving away from wheat (as much as possible) and trying to convert only to whole grains. I am increasing fresh fruit and vegetables (which is yummy, if a bit expensive) and getting radical cutting out the sugar and looking for it hiding in everything. I am starting fish oil supplements which are good for the heart, the skin and the metabolism, and would like to start eating salmon, but it's so pricey!!!! Chicken I can get cheap...salmon is another story. I am also increasing the green tea and limiting the coffee. I have so much more energy and feel younger and am praying that I will continue in this new discipline.

I turn 39 this December and if all goes well, my 40's will be the fittest decade of my life so far.

Micah Girl


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