Thursday, March 17, 2005

St. Patrick's Day Prayer

Real Live Preacher has this beautiful prayer on his site that sounds so celtic to me, it does my Irish heart good. (I'm not of course all Irish, but especially on St. Patrick's Day my blood runs green.)

A Prayer Of Closing And Opening
And Of Things That Come Before

Thy will before my will;
Thy goodness before my desire;
Thy service before my comfort.

This season before all seasons;
This day before all days;
This moment before all moments.

All people before my people;
My people before one person;
One person before me.

My love for one person;
One person's love for my people;
My people's love for all people.

All moments bring us this moment;
All days reveal this day;
All seasons balance this season.

My comfort found in Thy service;
My desire to be Thy goodness;
My will and Thine the same.

Micah Girl


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