Monday, December 19, 2005

10 Paradigm Shifts

10 Paradigm Shifts Toward Community Transformation is a must read for anyone interested in being church and not doing church. It is written by Eric Swanson of Leadership Network. Following are the paradigm shifts, but you've got to read the article to hear the real-life examples and the biblical basis behind it all. Great stuff!

1) From building walls to building bridges.

2) From measuring attendance to measuring impact.

3) From encouraging the saints to attend the service to
equipping the saints for works of service.

4) From “serve us” to service—from inward to outward focus.

5) From duplication of human services and ministries to
partnering with existing services and ministries.

6) From fellowship to functional unity.

7) From condemning the city to blessing the city and praying for it.

8) From being a minister in a congregation to being a minister
in a parish.

9) From anecdote and speculation to valid information.

10) From teacher to learner.

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