Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Christian Carnival CVII and the carnival I like to call "my life"

Christian Carnival is up at Attention Span Check it out--it's a well-timed Winter Olympic theme. My post Eternal Friendship is there. I haven't yet had the opportunity to peruse the other entries.

I have had a crazy week so far--busy work day on Monday, busy homeschool day yesterday including a new sports training class for the kids, and today babysitting 3 kids (in addition to my own three) along with my regular day of homeschool, visit to the art museum, searching out a new rental space for church and cooking a big dinner.

Tomorrow--joy of joys--jury duty (cue scary music here) and then a long night of collegiate ministry.

Maybe Friday I can catch up on my life. Although some things have fallen through the cracks, the good news is I have kept up with both my One Year Bible readings and my daily workout! Thanks be to God.

Micah Girl


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