Wednesday, February 08, 2006

An extravagant life

Reading through the One Year Bible often brings out interesting paralells because I read a section of the Old Testament, The New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs each day. As I was reading through the description today of the ephod that Hebrew priests were to wear I was amazed at the detail and also the jewels involved. My first reaction was "How costly!" (I'm cheap.) Then I thought about the fact that God Himself designed it to bring glory to Himself, to reflect something of His character to the people of God. Also, when using such fine materials they are likely to last a long time and be used over and over. It made me think of the beautiful cathedrals that cost a fortune to build, but still stand and point their spires up to God.

Then in the New Testament reading I read about the woman anointing Jesus's feet with expensive perfume. The disciples apparently complained about the cost. In another account it points out Judas in particular as the cheap one. (Ouch.) Jesus assured them that this beautiful act of love would be remembered forever. And He was right.

And so, it seems, that God is reminding me that I am called to an extravagant life. Not in my home, or my car, or my wardrobe, but in my worship. A sold out, high value, give it all away, nothing held back worship of my Creator.

Micah Girl


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