Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Identity Code, post #2

Why I love the things I love.

Reading and writing:
Beauty, truth, knowledge.

Cooking and nutrition:
Creativity, nurturing, hospitality.

Community, shepherding, nurturing, casting a vision.


Uncovering how people tick.


Sharing wisdom. Empowering people.


Connection, intimacy, family.

Language and culture:
Bridge building


Information. Connection. Wisdom. Learning.

Overarching themes:

Underneath it all---creativity, connection and community. I think those might be my themes, my underlying passions that drive everything I do.

I need to think about this some more to see if this is really it, or if this is what I wish were really my thing. I'm wondering, am I fooling myself?

According to the author: "Suspending disbelief liberates you." So I need to suspend my disbelief and go with this process... Perhaps when I revisit this later it will seem clearer if it's accurate.

As I look back again at my list I also see truth. That connects to my passion for ministry, for analysis, for knowledge, even for humor...

Also nurturing and shepherding. Those are my pastoral gifts. My mothering talents. My teacher's passion. My vision-caster's purpose.

Maybe I need to be thinking about discernment itself. My ability to read people and to lead them. To offer counsel and encouragement. To show the way to others. I am very intuitive and trust in my gut quite a bit, as well as being able to keep a lot of things tucked away in my brain for future use. That's why I love word games--I excel at them. That's why I like talking to new people--I can find bits of information to connect to them and make them feel comfortable.

Now I've got so much information, I don't know what to do with it. Where do I go from here? I want to figure it all out right now!

Did I forget to mention that I am impatient?

Micah Girl


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