Sunday, August 13, 2006

Most Memorable Achievements (& Failures) Identity Code, Post #3

Now I am looking for patterns by listing some of my most memorable achievements, as well as a couple memorable failures.

Most memorable achievements:
1. Finding the love of my life and having a really good marriage.
2. Graduating seminary.
3. Being a mother of three.
4. Getting into acting school at NYU.
5. Doing things that scare me, such as improv comedy.
6. Moving to Ireland by myself just out of college.
7. Learning Spanish, not perfectly, but I can carry on a serious conversation with my mother-in-law.
8. Bouncing back from a broken heart more than once when close friends died too young.

Most memorable failures:
1. Getting involved with the wrong guy before I met the right guy. I so wanted to be loved that I settled. I learned lots about relationships and grew up emotionally, but made many, many mistakes!
2. All my corporate jobs in my 20s, especially corporate recruiting AKA headhunting. What was I thinking? I am not motivated by money alone! Then I did admissions for a very expensive secretarial school. Ick. Then recruiting for a temporary placement agency. Not fulfilling. Finally job placement for people with severe disabilities--I was in over my head although I enjoyed the people I worked with. I did enjoy interviewing people and affirming their gifts in all of these jobs.

Overarching theme from achievements:
Facing my fears and doing something I wasn't sure I could do. Not settling for the ordinary or the expected!

Things I have enjoyed even in situations I haven't loved:
Training others, inspiring others, teaching others, affirming others...

I have been playing with the idea of getting a doctorate in Educational Psychology. That could fit in very well with my overall pattern in life and the things I love. (My seminary degree is a Master of Arts in Christian Education, but I imagine I would still need to do lots of extra course work before I could start the PhD work.) I wonder what interesting doors that might open. Hmmm....a possibility.

Micah Girl


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