Saturday, April 07, 2007

An inside look

In the kitchen:
Two loaves of gorgeous Portuguese sweet bread baking in the oven.
Two dozen white hard-boiled eggs (minus a couple cracked ones) sitting in a pot awaiting dyeing.

In the bedrooms:
A napping husband and children who are down on sleep because of particularly stubborn colds and coughs.

In the quiet:
A content Micah Girl with a fresh brewed cup of coffee and list of things to do that I will soon get a start on.

In the next several weeks:
Wrapping up the semester, preparing for summer missionaries, getting ready to road trip to Lexington, KY, to see if that is going to be God's next place for us.

In my head:
A mish-mash of today's to-dos, future possiblities, and looking forward to the celebration of Easter tomorrow.

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