Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Waiting for my name

I respect the person of the Holy Spirit and His work in my life. I have heard Him speak to me through His Word, in my heart, in my circumstances and through other people. Sometimes, however, I envy my charismatic sisters and brothers who always seem to have a fresh word from God--a dream, a vision, a sign from Heaven. It's not that I feel out of touch with God--just that He hasn't yet spoken to me in that kind of drama.

I have been studying and teaching about Jacob for the last few months. Today I was reading through Genesis 32 which I will be teaching on Sunday morning. I was struck at how God reveals himself to Jacob in this chapter--first through revealing His angels to Jacob and then in a mano a mano wrestling match. Wow. I would like that kind of revelation in my life, although I expect that I, too, would walk with a limp after coming face to face with God.

The other thing that strikes me is the way Jacob names a place after an encounter with God. After wrestling with God he names the place Peniel which means "face of God." I have never named a place or erected a stone monument to an encounter I had with God. Today I was burning with desire to name our next home when we move. But what name? What would it signify? Where would I place the nameplate? How would I tell the story to my visitors?

Jacob also gets a new name--Israel. What is my new name, Lord?

I am awaiting a word from the Lord, a sign that He is directing me to new lands, new challenges, new adventures. I am waiting for my name.

Micah Girl

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