Thursday, July 10, 2008

Endless possibility

In the morning every possibility opens before you. Today is the day I will begin that new workout habit of 60 minutes a day. Today I will devote my spirit to God in an ecstatic devotional time. Today I will bake the perfect loaf of whole wheat bread. Today is the day that I will joyfully whiz through my GRE prep books and be amazed at how much test-based wisdom I already possess. Today is the day that I lead my children through an amazing summer day filled with laughter, learning, and memorable fun all while boasting a Julie Andrews smile. Today is the day that I plan a dinner for my husband that boggles his mind and then... well, that's not for me to blog about. This isn't that kind of a space.

I do love mornings and I sometimes allow them to get lost by sleeping too late, or turning on the morning news, or wasting my energy cleaning up my inbox. A great morning would start early, with exercise and prayer and bible study followed by some fresh air and good coffee in the backyard. There is no reason why I cannot do that. My schedule is largely my own. I am in an enviable position of being in charge of most of the hours of my own day. Lord, I should never take this for granted! How many people are crushed by schedules that are thrust upon them in jobs that they hate?

Once my children are in public school this fall for the first time, I need to be even more careful of my time. To be sure that I am available to my family, yes, but also to be sure that I spend my time carefully and that I do not waste the hours I have been given. I am thinking hard about what I could do to earn money without sacrificing the flexibility of making my own schedule. What great idea lurks just a synapse connection away?

Possible idea: Conversational English tutoring.

Has possibilities.

Onto the reality of my day which also could hold any number of exciting new ideas.

Micah Girl

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