Saturday, February 11, 2006

How much should you weigh? OR True confessions

How much should you weigh?

I am 5 feet 7 inches tall and my healthy weight range is 118 - 159 pounds. I am outside of that healthy weight range, but would be extremely happy in the top end of the range. I am a size 14 and if that is snug I slide into a 16 but they are usually too loose. I feel pretty darn good as a 12. If I am ever a size 10 again, I will possibly go into shock and not recognize myself.

I already am a very healthy eater whose biggest weakness is whole wheat bread, which apparently goes right to my belly, so I am carefully monitoring all my carb intake. I am looking to intensify my workouts (which, as I previously mentioned, I love) with some more cardio so that I can kick my sorry metabolism into gear. Then I hope that I will be able to post that I am losing a healthy one pound each week until I get into the heart-healthy top end of my healthy weight range.

I signed up for the Self Challenge to see if that will provide me with some additional encouragement and accountability.

I will persevere...
Micah Girl


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