Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Feet

My husband and I took the kids yesterday to see Happy Feet. The opening musical sequence was brilliant--amazing choral singing chock full of pop tunes and pop cultural references as we watch Norma Jean and Memphis, who later become the parents of Mumble, the penguin with happy feet, fall in love.

Later as Mumble, the dancing penguin who doesn't fit in, starts tapping out his heartsong I was convinced that he looked just like the brilliant Savion Glover, tapdancer extraordinaire. At the closing credits Glover is indeed credited with choreography.

The film itself is typical kid fare with adult jokes that go over most kids' heads, but a serious environmental message that surprised me. The CGI effects are amazing and my husband and I enjoyed ourselves very much.

Micah Girl



Anonymous Steve said...

Thanks for the review.

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