Wednesday, May 02, 2007

End of semester--beginning of work

My life is freer--workwise

Our roadtrip to KY is in 2 short weeks and I have to have the house in good order because when we return my in-laws will be staying with us. Also, we might even start preparing to put our house on the market and if the clutter isn't gone it will be hard to start painting and deep cleaning!

I also have to finish my "scintillating" CV which is only the roughest of rough drafts as I have an interview with academia to discuss my doctoral ambitions.

And I need to continue with my usual routines of schooling kids, exercising, daily maintenance of my household and plenty of work at church.

To me this list is fascinating. To you, whoever you are, you probably feel as if you found my to do list on a scrap of paper blowing in the parking lot.

Micah Girl



Anonymous Anna said...

ah well, scrap of paper in parking lot or no, we're putting our house on the market, so I'm sympathetic :-Phtt

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anna said...

P.S. that "htt" at the end of the ":-P" was a typo :-P result of typing too quickly

5:21 PM  

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