Sunday, August 20, 2006

Everlasting purposes

Words of wisdom from one of my favorite blogs, My Writers Group:
Charisma sells, yes. But that charisma needs to derive from your core passion, whatever that is. And don’t accept any less—from anyone. If you really want to change the world, start there.

Alright? So I’m thinking this should apply to the way we view the world, this broken, twisted-up, decaying piece of rock hurtling through space. We need more Christians who understand this, their specialness that’s not about uniqueness. Use your piece of the eternal to affect the present. And when you write, think about the effect you’ll have on generations in the future of your dedicating not to what’s unique, but what’s everlasting.

Read the whole post here.

I want to focus myself on purpose that has everlasting effects. That's what matters.

Now to discern the next step--there's the challenge.

Micah Girl


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