Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Still here

I am still here, I am just so involved with my life that I have not had time for blogging.

I have a list of things to blog about--
books I have read or am about to read...

DVDs I have recently seen with my husband...

the joys of the day to day spiritual insights that the Holy Spirit gives me to keep me going...

the intricacies of the matchmaking I would like to do among the single people in my life that instead I am making a subject of prayer...

the plans to visit Lexington, KY in May...

the fears of facing my dream of applying to a doctoral program and possibly being rejected...

the fun of homeschooling my kids...

the incredible gratitude to God for all that I have and the possibilities that lay before me...
But for now I need to rally the kids and get out the door for athletics. At least I have posted. Perhaps it is the first step back to regular blogging.

Micah Girl

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The return of 24

My heart is in my mouth...

My brain is ready for the plot twists...

My poor spirit is ready to pray for the fictional Jack Bauer and those he tries to protect...

Tonight and tomorrow are the first four hours of 24!

My favorite pop culture obsession.

Micah Girl

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Friday, January 12, 2007


The power of place.

I am obsessed with it.

Thinking and praying about moving is my hobby. I visit realty websites and plug in four bedroom homes like a blue-haired, sparkle-jacketed octogenarian plays the slot machines. "JACKPOT! 4 BR, good zip code, wow--nearly 1/5 of an acre and only 150,000?"

I have virtual conversations with people I've never met and pour out my heart's desire about moving. "My husband and I are really looking for a welcoming community where we can plug in right away and where the kids can make friends. We'd love for them to have friends up and down the street."

I read the paper in Lexington online everyday. I know about the murder suspect who was let out on a reduced bail of $1,000 and never showed up for his electronic montitoring bracelet. A city-wide search ensued and he was found asleep in his own bed unaware of the manhunt. Almost comic.

I know that the University of Kentucky has the #9 ranked doctoral program in educational psychology--and that's the one I have my sights on.

I expect that when we visit Lexington in May we will be impressed, excited and nervous. I expect that we will have supernatural peace about the next steps for us. I expect that God will let us know--yes, this is the place for you to go.

I also keep in my mind and my heart the truth that the longing I have is not really for a friendly community with educational opportunites and lower cost of living. It's not for a four bedroom house in a great zip code that costs less than our townhome. It's a spiritual longing that never will be fulfilled. I am an alien and a stranger on earth. I am seeking after a country of my own--a heavenly one prepared by God himself. I find this country by faith and will not see it on this side of heaven. However, wherever we go we are to be faithful witnesses of the kingdom of God and ambassadors of heaven. Father, guide our steps.

Micah Girl

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year, Renewing Routines

Trying to get back into the swing--a bit of a holiday hangover (and not the alcohol-induced kind!) It's hard to get back into routines when I am on break from work, we have been holidaying with the kids and need to get back to schoolwork, I need to get back into regular fitness routines, and I want to catch up on all the visioning I need to do personally and professionally.

Or I could just have another cup of coffee and put the wash in the dryer...

The day to day versus the long-term. The urgent versus the important. The balancing act of life, ministry, homeschooling and learning to live a creative life...

What a blessing to have so many options. In another situation, I might have to get up early in the morning to go to a minimum wage job that I hate and send my kids off to be cared for and taught by others. I might have a husband I didn't like or a house that was in a dangerous part of town. I might have health issues or a deep addiction to shopping. Instead I have the challenges of juggling my blessings. Time to stop whining.

Micah Girl


Monday, January 01, 2007

Silly quiz, flattering result

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